Cardinal de Retz

Cardinal de Retz



Bottiglia da 0,375 lt

Trebbiano 100%
Appassito 4 mesi sui cannicci.
9 years in casks under roofing

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LABEL: “Cardinal de Retz”
The Villa Bossi Estate, at an altitude of approximately 300 meters above sea level, with 18.6 hectares of specialized vineyards
TYPOLOGY: Vin santo
DENOMINATION/INDICATION: Vin Santo del Chianti Rufina Riserva DOC
VINIFICATION: Without grape skins, soft pressing, 9 years in casks of 50-200 liter capacity kept under roofing
COLOR: Deep amber, with tawny hues
AROMA: Strong, intense bouquet with ample, complex range of mingled fragrances. The soft notes of walnut, dry figs, caramel, candied fruits, dried apricots, dates, and chestnut honey end with a sweet spiciness and a slightly ethereal aftertaste

TASTE: Sweet, softly rounded, elegant and strong. Intriguing balance between a structure dominated by an elegant alcoholic note, and an underlying freshness. In the long-lasting aftertaste, all of the aromas perceived by the sense of smell are evoked again
FOOD PAIRINGS: Chocolate desserts, vanilla ice cream and dry almond paste biscuits
VARIETAL: Trebbiano 100%
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The grapes are harvested in late September-early October and are kept for three months on reed matting in roofed sheds